The Jarrett Indoor Cricket Centre


This facility will be one of the premier Indoor Cricket Facilities in the country attracting players and visitors from national and international teams, county and district, local clubs and other schools. Every pupil at Reed’s will have access to this facility for training and skills’ development. Inside the main hall there will be five cricket nets. Nets will have specialised flooring in order to replicate wicket conditions at famous grounds around the world. Through sponsorship, nets will be outfitted with the PitchVision cricket analysis system, which combines motion tracking and video analysis for individual players from beginners to international cricketers.



Since 1813 the Reed’s Foundation, originally known as the London Orphan Asylum, has provided orphaned and single-parent children with support, maintenance and education in order to break the cycle of disadvantage and realise their true potential. Since the School was first established, over 12,000 children have had their lives changed forever, their confidence restored and their futures brightened. Income streams from the Jarrett Indoor Cricket Centre include: Rentals of Nets; Coaching; Long Room and Gallery rentals; Outdoor Field rentals (made possible with new changing rooms); Catering income and Sports shop sales.



The Long Room and the Gallery will offer space for social, business and school-related functions, as well as a café and viewing areas for parents while attending matches. Upstairs there will also be an outside balcony overlooking the rugby pitches. The building will be disabled accessible with ample outdoor parking. Downstairs the six Team Changing Rooms will provide changing facilities for both Reed’s and visiting teams, not only for cricket but for all our sports.


Total cost   £2.3m
School funded £1.55m
Donations already received £575k
Fundraising target  £175k