The Reeder - OR contributions

Monday 30th July 2018

We are currently pulling together all the content for our 2018 Reeder which will be posted or emailed to ORs in the Autumn, encapsulating a full academic year's worth of news, events and special articles.

A key part of the magazine is - of course - updates from our former pupils and staff.  Please use the form below to submit your piece together with a photo.  We would love to hear about births, marriages, promotions, relocations and anything else you might like to share. 

If you have any other ideas for pieces in the Reeder, please do email Sharmaine or Lucy at:

Online form

Please use this form to submit your articles and photos.
Note 1: the form will not submit if longer than 300 words entered; if you have any queries, please email:
Note 2: a digital copy of the magazine will be available online after publication and, therefore, will be viewable by the general public.