Notable Benefactions

Royal Bursary Award

Established by HRH Princess Elizabeth (HM The Queen, our Royal Patron) in 1947 to mark the occasion of her wedding to Prince Philip, two Foundation pupils are personally selected by HM The Queen each year to receive the Royal Bursary Award.

Harvey Music Award

As a former Governor and Trustee for 13 years, David Harvey saw – first-hand - the profound impact music had for Foundation pupils. When he and his wife established the David & Kathleen Harvey Charitable Trust, they endowed a fund at Reed’s which permanently supports two Foundation pupils with real promise in music throughout their time at Reed’s and also funds any Foundation pupil interested in learning a musical instrument.

Cazenove Bursary

Cazenove was a British stockbroker and investment bank, founded in 1823 by Philip Cazenove. It was one of the UK's last independent investment banks and one of the last to remain a private partnership. Cazenove was a long time supporter of the Reed’s Foundation and, when the main parts of the business were acquired by JPMorgan Chase and Schroders, the former partners endowed a bursary at Reed’s to ensure a Foundation pupil would be supported by Cazenove in perpetuity.


This ancient Livery Company has been supporting the Reed’s Foundation since it was first established in 1813. In addition to funding a Foundation pupil at the School, they have also provided crucial capital for the new School in Watford in 1888 and more recently our Jarrett Indoor Cricket Centre as well as hosting our Annual Foundation Appeal Launch.

Worshipful Company of Cutlers’ Bursary

The Worshipful Company of Cutlers for been supporters of the Foundation many years.  In 2001 the WC of Cutlers’ Bursary was established and funds a Foundation pupil who shows academic potential and strong character throughout their time at Reed’s. 

Tallow Chandlers’ Company Award for Science

The Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers is one of the ancient livery companies of the City of London. The Company supports three pupils who have shown distinction in Sciences, particularly Chemistry in their final year at Reed’s. The Company also supports the Launch Car challenge outreach program at Reed’s.


Through his Foundation, Old Reedonian and tennis legend Tim Henman OBE, supports six Foundation pupils at Reed’s School. The Tim Henman Foundation also supports the School’s extensive outreach programme.

Richard Garrett Award

Beloved former housemaster, teacher and sports coach at Reed’s, this fund was established in recognition of Richard’s 38 years of service. Foundation pupils can apply to receive funding from this endowment towards extra-curricular activities and programmes which enhance their understanding of the School’s values.

Hylke van Slooten Memorial Fund

In celebration of the life of Reed’s Hockey legend, Hylke “Bob” van Slooten (Bristowe 2005), this fund supports a Foundation pupil, particularly those applicants with an interest in hockey and who exhibit the exuberance for life Hylke himself embodied. This is funded by Hylke’s family, friends and classmates in memory of him.

Simon Church & Jonathan Turner Fund

Set up by Old Reedonian (OR) Charlotte Mocatta in memory of her OR brother and his OR friend, who sadly passed away in an accident in France while celebrating the end of the A Level exams, this fund supports three Foundation pupils at the School with donations from friends, fellow ORs and family and through regular events held at Reed’s.

Gordon and Sue Jackson Award

This award was established by Old Reedonian Gordon Jackson and his wife Sue to commemorate his year as Mayor of Guildford. Through their charitable trust the Jackson family support a Foundation pupil who has lost a parent.

Audrey & Robert Gregory Award

Upon their deaths, Robert Gregory (OR 1936) and his wife Audrey left their estate to Reed’s with the intention to fund a Foundation pupil in perpetuity. This award is named in their memory.

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