The Development & Foundation Office

Reed’s is quite unique in its mission compared to many other schools and charities. First and foremost Reed’s is a Foundation, dedicated to providing pastoral care and support for disadvantaged children who have suffered from family trauma. It is also a School, providing excellent educational provision which offers these children the tools they need to realise a better future for themselves. These two are inextricably linked, each benefiting the other and together delivering the best possible outcomes for the children.

The roles within the Development and Foundation team are many-fold. 

We have dedicated Foundation Managers who work closely with our Foundation families from the point of application through to regular communications while the child is at Reed’s, liaising with the Pastoral Staff, Medical Centre and Counsellors. They are also integral to the Foundation admissions process internally, ensuring that the support we can provide is going to those who need it the most. 

Our events and marketing team members co-ordinate and run the outreach activities for the Foundation, providing exciting and inspiring programmes for over 1200 primary school aged children each year.

The alumni relations team, whilst building a lasting community with all of our Old Reedonians, are especially important for our Foundation pupils, who often don’t have the personal contacts or family input needed to navigate the complex world of university and work.

Finally, but crucially, the whole department is responsible for raising the £1.5 million a year that is needed to support these children and programmes. Our donors, from individual donors to large charities, are a crucial part of the Reed’s community. Our long-time relationships with these donors often provides Foundation pupils with much more than just financial assistance. Opportunities such as work experience, summer camps, speaking engagements and introductions to high-level individuals are not only aspirational but help to build self-confidence and self-esteem as well as delivering crucial life skills.

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