Welcome from the Headmaster

Choosing a senior school for your child is one of the most fundamentally important decisions we, as parents, can make and, as you peruse this website, I hope you will gain an insight into the Reed’s ethos and what makes us unique.

As Headmaster, I firmly believe that the values-driven education that our pupils experience equips our boys and girls not only with the excellent academic qualifications and the interpersonal skills they will need for the future but, most importantly, it ensures that when our pupils leave Reed’s, they possess a strong moral compass and a desire to go into the world and improve it. 

Meet The Headmaster

Please watch our film where you can meet the Headmaster and find out what makes Reed’s such a special place

Latest News


              Converted Events

                EventStart timeEnd time
                Golf (A): ISGA Schools' Cup at Magnolia Park25/09/2017 08:0025/09/2017
                Sixth Form Full Chapel Service25/09/2017 08:5025/09/2017
                AS Graphics and Photography Trip to Wisley Gardens25/09/2017 09:4525/09/2017
                L6th General Studies: Leon McCarron25/09/2017 11:3025/09/2017
                U6th General Studies: Angela Findlay25/09/2017 11:3025/09/2017
                Tutor Deadline for UCAS references and predicted grades (Oxbridge and Medics)25/09/2017 13:0025/09/2017
                L6th Tougher Minds Session25/09/2017 13:3525/09/2017
                Twilight Tougher Minds Session for parents of L6 students25/09/2017 18:0025/09/2017
                European Day of Languages26/09/2017 26/09/2017
                L6th Geography Field Trip to Stratford, East London26/09/2017 08:3026/09/2017
                Girls' Hockey (A): 1st XI Surrey Cup Heats26/09/2017 09:0026/09/2017
                1st Form Japanese Taiko Drumming Event26/09/2017 13:3526/09/2017
                Hockey (H): U13A, U13B v West London Free School26/09/2017 14:0026/09/2017
                Rugby (H): U15A v St John's, Leatherhead Natwest Cup Round 126/09/2017 14:3026/09/2017
                Hockey (H): U13C v West London Free School26/09/2017 15:0026/09/2017
                Parents' and Pupils' Information Evening: Spanish trip to Barcelona26/09/2017 18:0026/09/2017
                2nd Form CPHSE Sutton Life Centre Visit27/09/2017 09:0027/09/2017
                Golf (A): Reed's A v Hampton, ISGA Singles Round 1 at Fulwell Golf Club27/09/2017 14:0027/09/2017
                Girls' Hockey (A): 1st XI v Lord Wandsworth College27/09/2017 14:3027/09/2017
                Girls' Hockey (H): 2nd XI v Lord Wandsworth College27/09/2017 14:4527/09/2017
                Girls' Hockey (A): 3rd XI v Lord Wandsworth College27/09/2017 15:3027/09/2017
                Upper Sixth Geography Lecture at Royal Geographical Society27/09/2017 16:0027/09/2017
                Indoor Hockey (A): U18 Tournament27/09/2017 16:3027/09/2017
                Hockey (H): Senior B XI v Whitgift27/09/2017 17:3027/09/2017
                FutureCareers Seminar: Engineering, Assembly Hall27/09/2017 19:0027/09/2017
                National Poetry Day28/09/2017 28/09/2017
                Student Mentoring Training28/09/2017 10:2028/09/2017
                Launch Car Challenge28/09/2017 13:0028/09/2017
                Swimming (A): Junior team v ACS, Cobham28/09/2017 16:3028/09/2017
                New Pupil Assessment Meeting28/09/2017 17:1528/09/2017
                1st Form Parents' Evening28/09/2017 19:0028/09/2017
                Mullens Cake Sale29/09/2017 29/09/2017
                Final Deadline 'Pay and Send' for Oxbridge and Medics' UCAS Applications29/09/2017 08:0029/09/2017
                Middle School Assembly, Assembly Hall29/09/2017 08:3029/09/2017
                L6th and U6th English Literature Poetry Workshop: Luke Wright, Lecture Theatre29/09/2017 11:3029/09/2017
                MFL Bungee: French29/09/2017 13:0029/09/2017 14:00
                Poetry Workshop for Creative Writing Group29/09/2017 13:3529/09/2017
                Detention Duty: CST29/09/2017 16:1529/09/2017
                Toastmasters Dinner29/09/2017 18:3029/09/2017
                Girls' Hockey (H): 2nd XI v King Edward's30/09/2017 09:0030/09/2017
                Golf (A): AQ Invitational at St Mellion30/09/2017 09:0030/09/2017
                Hockey (A): U13A v Whitgift30/09/2017 09:0030/09/2017
                Hockey (H): 1st Form Practice30/09/2017 10:0030/09/2017
                Rugby (H): U14A, U14B, U14C, U14D v Caterham School at Reed's Weybridge RFC, Whiteley Village30/09/2017 10:3030/09/2017
                Rugby (H): U16A, U16B v Caterham School30/09/2017 10:3030/09/2017
                Girls' Hockey (H): 1st XI Reed's Tournament30/09/2017 13:0030/09/2017
                Rugby (A): 1st XV, 2nd XV, 3rd XV v Caterham School30/09/2017 14:3030/09/2017
                Rugby (A): U15A, U15B, U15C v Caterham School30/09/2017 14:3030/09/2017
                Swimming (A): Secondary Schools' Relay Gala at Guildford Spectrum30/09/2017 19:0030/09/2017