Welcome from the Headmaster

Choosing a senior school for your child is one of the most fundamentally important decisions we, as parents, can make and, as you peruse this website, I hope you will gain an insight into the Reed’s ethos and what makes us unique.

As Headmaster, I firmly believe that the values-driven education that our pupils experience equips our boys and girls not only with the excellent academic qualifications and the interpersonal skills they will need for the future but, most importantly, it ensures that when our pupils leave Reed’s, they possess a strong moral compass and a desire to go into the world and improve it. 

Meet The Headmaster

Please watch our film where you can meet the Headmaster and find out what makes Reed’s such a special place

Latest News


              Converted Events

                EventStart timeEnd time
                Blathwayt Cake Sale23/02/2018 10:0023/02/2018
                3rd Form CPHSE Presentation: \Internet Safety\"23/02/2018 14:3023/02/2018
                CPHSE Parents' Twilight Presentation: \Internet Safety\"23/02/2018 18:0023/02/2018
                Hockey (A): 1st XI v Whitgift23/02/2018 18:0023/02/2018
                Toastmasters Dinner23/02/2018 18:3023/02/2018
                Close Disco at Notre Dame23/02/2018 19:0023/02/2018
                Rugby (A): National Vase Semi final24/02/2018 24/02/2018
                Hockey (A): U15A v Whitgift24/02/2018 09:0024/02/2018
                Hockey (H): U14A, U14B v Whitgift24/02/2018 09:0024/02/2018
                Hockey (A): U16B v Whitgift24/02/2018 09:1524/02/2018
                OPEN MORNING24/02/2018 10:0024/02/2018
                Hockey (A): U16A v Whitgift24/02/2018 10:1524/02/2018
                Hockey (A): 2nd XI v Whitgift24/02/2018 11:3024/02/2018
                Hockey (H): U14C v Whitgift24/02/2018 11:3024/02/2018
                Netball (A): 1st VII v Bradfield24/02/2018 11:3024/02/2018
                Hockey (A): U15B v Whitgift24/02/2018 12:4524/02/2018
                Hockey (H): 3rd XI, U14D v Whitgift24/02/2018 13:0024/02/2018
                Golf (A): Reed's v Burhill25/02/2018 25/02/2018
                Sunday Trip: JW25/02/2018 25/02/2018
                Rugby (H): U18 Senior Reed's Sevens25/02/2018 11:0025/02/2018
                3rd Form Geography Field Trip to Brighton (Sets ABC)26/02/2018 08:3026/02/2018
                3rd and 6th Form Assembly26/02/2018 08:5026/02/2018
                4th and 5th Form Full Chapel Service26/02/2018 08:5026/02/2018
                L6th General Studies: Phil Brooke26/02/2018 11:3026/02/2018
                School Council Meeting26/02/2018 12:4526/02/2018
                Philosophy & Religion Lecture at The Royal Institute of Philosophy26/02/2018 16:0026/02/2018
                Housemasters' Meeting26/02/2018 17:3026/02/2018
                5th and L6th Form Academic Scholars Trip to Oxford27/02/2018 27/02/2018
                3rd Form Geography Field Trip to Brighton (Sets DEF)27/02/2018 08:3027/02/2018
                4th Form GCSE Art Trip to Pallant House Gallery27/02/2018 08:3027/02/2018
                Hockey (A): U14 South Heats27/02/2018 09:0027/02/2018
                6th Form House of Lords Visit27/02/2018 11:0027/02/2018
                3rd Form Working Lunch27/02/2018 12:3527/02/2018
                Golf: U13 and U15 v Wellington, Wellington School27/02/2018 14:0027/02/2018
                Hockey (H): U15A v PGS (ISHC)27/02/2018 14:4527/02/2018 15:45
                Hockey (A): U13 Surrey Cup Finals28/02/2018 09:0028/02/2018
                Rugby (A): U16 Surrey Sevens28/02/2018 10:0028/02/2018
                U6th Mock Examination Results due28/02/2018 10:0028/02/2018
                Edmondson Cup: House Netball28/02/2018 13:3028/02/2018
                Hockey (A): 2nd XI v Kingston Grammar School28/02/2018 14:3028/02/2018
                Hockey (H): 3rd XI v Kingston Grammar School28/02/2018 14:4528/02/2018
                SATRO Problem Solving Competition at Heathside School28/02/2018 16:0028/02/2018
                L6th Drama Trip to \Summer and Smoke\" at Almeida Theatre"28/02/2018 17:0028/02/2018
                High Performance Lecture: \Building Resilience in an Athlete\"28/02/2018 19:0028/02/2018