Activities Overview

Reed’s offers an extraordinary number of opportunities in its Activities Curriculum.

Service is a key aspect of the programme to encourage our pupils to be empathetic, conscientious and responsible. The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Combined Cadet Force, Arts Award and Outward Bound Scheme, all offered as part of our Service Afternoon, provide this aspect. There is also a natural link with the wide range of charity initiatives that the school and the Houses support.

The full range of Activities on offer extends well beyond the Service Afternoon and Sports. Every area of the school is represented to enhance either academic subject areas, the Arts or to cater for specialised interests. Time is ring-fenced to ensure that all of these vital experiences can be a priority to the pupils who wish to participate. This approach embraces our core value of producing well-rounded and balanced individuals.

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Extra Curricular

please watch our film about the huge variety of extra-curricular activities available at Reed’s