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2020 has certainly been an 'unusual' year for everyone, but that makes it even more important to  celebrate the achievements of our OR community as best we can in this year's Reeder magazine.  Your news is really key to this and helps to make-up the pages that everyone loves to read (especially if there is a photo too!).  This will be included in the printed and online version of the magazine.

Remember, this could include news from September 2019 to today about: 

  • engagements, marriages, births
  • obituaries
  • relocations, promotions, new business ventures and initiatives, graduations
  • exciting charity challenges
  • personal adventures, or
  • anything else you would like to share - we know there has been a lot going on in light of the pandemic and now is your time to tell us more!

Please complete the online form below to submit your contribution (max 300 words) AND/OR update your address AND/OR elect how you receive your copy of the Reeder magazine.  Alternatively, simply send an email to: thereeder@reeds.surrey.sch.uk.  Don't put it off - send your update today or by Monday 10th August at the latest. 

If you have any queries, please contact Sharmaine.

The Reeder 2020 - OR news submission form

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