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A Level Results Day 45
A Level Results Day 51

Academic Results

We are immensely proud of all our pupils for everything they achieve and for the journeys they go through.

The value of an education should not be summed up in the results of a single exam, but instead in the adults our pupils become and the difference they make to the world. This philosophy is reflected in our decision not to publish examination data in national league tables. We don’t believe they can convey the ethos and values of our School, the character of our pupils and the commitment of our teachers to bring out the best in every pupil by finding their personal genius, whatever form that may take.

Our ethos is very simple and that is to produce happy children through an environment that promotes their self-confidence and self-esteem. With the superb teachers, excellent facilities and myriad opportunities we have at Reed’s we realise not only the academic potential of our pupils, but also develop the character of our pupils - this is what ultimately prepares them for the future.

GCSE Results for 2023

A Level Results for 2023


We are very proud of our 2023 Fifth Form and Upper Sixth cohorts who achieved incredible sets of GCSE and A Level grades this Summer.

At A Level, an impressive 58% of all grades were awarded at A*/A grade and 88% of grades fell within the A* to B range. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that over 1 in 5 grades - 22% - achieved the highest possible mark of A*. Some 46 pupils gained a clean sweep of at least 3 A/A* grades with 12 pupils securing the notable achievement of at least three A* grades. With this year’s grades predicted to fall back in line with pre-pandemic levels, a comparison with 2019’s public exam results is a useful way to contextualise these results. When doing so, the 2023 cohort were 10% percentage points higher at both A*/A & A*-B grades achieved than our 2019 results - this makes the school’s 2023 A Level results the best ever in ‘normal’ circumstances; there is no doubt that the class of 2023 and their teachers have shown their commitment and adaptability. 

The GCSE results were equally impressive: 78% of all grades were achieved at grades 9-7, with 53% of these at grade 8 or 9, including a superb 25% achieved at grade 9 alone. These truly exceptional results are a 5% percentage point improvement on our record-breaking results of 2019, as with the A Level results this is a comparison which demonstrates just how impressive this year group’s achievements are. Our pupils should feel deservedly proud of their success. 

We were delighted that the vast majority of our pupils received such excellent grades, enabling them to move onto their choice of higher education, and for our GCSE pupils, to study their choice of A Levels. With such outstanding results, our pupils have gained places at top universities across the country. Those holding offers for Oxford and Cambridge were all successful and will study Chemistry, History and Politics, Geography, and Modern Languages. Across the board the achievements of this cohort were exceptional with Reed’s pupils also reading courses such as Maths at Durham, Warwick and St Andrews; Medicine at Bristol; Politics at Bath and Physics at Manchester, to name but a few. Pupils with applications at universities in Europe and the USA also were all successful to prestigious schools such as Tilburg in the Netherlands, and Berkley California, Notre Dame and Stanford in the USA. In keeping with our aim to look at alternative higher education options, pupils have gained prestigious degree apprenticeships with Google and the RAF, showcasing their aptitude for real-world application.

"These stunning results are a testament to the resilience and dedication of our pupils. Their ability to navigate challenging circumstances and excel academically is truly commendable. I am immensely proud of their accomplishments and the bright futures that lie ahead for each of them. All of this is only possible of course because of our incredible teachers who have worked, as ever, with skill, dedication and compassion to ensure the best possible outcomes for our pupils." 

Mark Hoskins | Headmaster

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