Academic Results

Academic Results

We are immensely proud of all our pupils for everything they achieve and for the journeys they go through.

The value of an education should not be summed up in the results of a single exam, but instead in the adults our pupils become and the difference they make to the world. This philosophy is reflected in our decision not to publish examination data in national league tables. We don’t believe they can convey the ethos and values of our School, the character of our pupils and the commitment of our teachers to bring out the best in every pupil by finding their personal genius, whatever form that may take.

Our ethos is very simple and that is to produce happy children through an environment that promotes their self-confidence and self-esteem. With the superb teachers, excellent facilities and myriad opportunities we have at Reed’s we realise not only the academic potential of our pupils, but also develop the character of our pupils - this is what ultimately prepares them for the future.

GCSE Results

A Level Results

A Level results 2018

We are delighted with the terrific A Level results of an outstanding group of students this year; they have cemented excellent grades in an era of much tougher, reformed A Levels. There were excellent results for a number of individual subjects, including French, History and Chemistry. We were particularly pleased with the results in our STEM subjects with, for example, 89% of grades in Further Maths at A*/A.

“I am thrilled that the hard work and dedication of our students has been rewarded by these fantastic results, particularly in the context of the greater rigour and challenge of the new A Levels. I am always impressed by the ability of our students to find the right path - guided by a highly skilled and committed staff along with supportive parents. One of our values is Independence – it’s our duty to prepare our students for the modern world and inspire them to shape it for the better. We are conscious that exam results alone do not define our students, but the richness of the educational experience here develops an independence that cannot be taught.”

Mark Hoskins | Headmaster

GCSE Results 2018

Pupils at Reed’s celebrated another record-breaking year at GCSE and IGCSE with the number of A*, A and 9-7 grades at 71%. An outstanding 47% of all grades were at A*, 9 or 8 – this is the best ever set of GCSE results by this measure, beating 2017’s previous high. Moreover, the proportion of pupils awarded 9s, the top grade for the very highest achievers under the new grading structure, is exceptional: 23% of exams taken in the “reformed” GCSEs achieved grade ‘9s’. The proportion of these grades awarded nationwide is 4.3%. A quarter of the year group achieved straight A*- A (9-7) grades in their examinations and there were some truly exceptional performances from pupils gaining straight grade 9 or A*s. There were also some exceptional results in individual subject areas. History achieved an incredible 92% of grades at A*/A (9-7) and Maths, Physics, Latin, Music and Religious Studies all exceeding 80%. 


“I am simply delighted with these tremendous results in such a broad variety of subjects and I’m incredibly proud of our pupils. Their determination and hard groundwork, coupled with outstanding teaching and incredible parental support, have made this possible. When considered alongside the huge contribution they make in so many other areas of school life, this success shines even brighter. Our pupils now have the perfect preparation to thrive in the Sixth Form and I look forward to their further success here at Reed’s at A-Level.”

Mark Hoskins | Headmaster

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