Pastoral Care Overview

Pastoral Care Overview

The outstanding pastoral care provided at Reed's places all pupils at the heart of the School, with an emphasis on values, character and a range of experiences to provide a rounded education.

We are very proud of the pastoral care and spiritual well-being provided as it is absolutely critical to our values: happy and secure children are far more likely to thrive in and outside the classroom. Our pastoral care underpins the very essence of school life. All pupils are nurtured and encouraged, from the various induction programmes to welcome new pupils before they actually start, right though every day of the pupil’s time at the school and even beyond. Enabling all pupils to flourish and build confidence without arrogance is very rewarding and everyone who works at Reed’s is very proud to go the extra mile for each and every pupil.

The pastoral care is multi-dimensional but based on a House structure with the Housemaster, along with a team of tutors, being responsible for overseeing the all-round development of each individual. Care is planned and tailored specifically for boys up the age of sixteen and then adapts accordingly to welcome girls into our co-educational Sixth Form.

We have an extensive range of support structures to provide the proverbial net which will prevent any individual falling through as they explore and learn - equally the encouraging atmosphere and opportunities allow all pupils to gain confidence and flourish.

Pastoral Care at Reed's

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