200 years in the making...
London Orphan Asylum


London Orphan Asylum

The London Orphan Asylum (LOA) was founded as a charity by Rev. Dr Andrew Reed with sites in Shoreditch for boys and Bethnal Green for girls.
London Orphan Asylum


First Annual Foundation Appeal Dinner

HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent presides over the first Annual Foundation Appeal dinner.
London Orphan Asylum


School moves to Clapton

The LOA moved to Clapton. In 1826 there were 206 Foundation pupils, rising to 453 by 1860.
London Orphan Asylum


School moves to Watford

The LOA moves to a new site in Watford after a serious outbreak of typhus in London.
London Orphan Asylum


School Renamed

The School is renamed the London Orphan School.
London Orphan Asylum


School Evacuated

At the outbreak of World War II pupils and staff are evacuated. The boys go to Totnes in Devon and the girls to Towcester in Northamptonshire.
London Orphan Asylum


Boys relocate to Cobham

After the end of the war, the boys relocated to the present site in Cobham with the School having been renamed Reed’s in 1939.
London Orphan Asylum


HRH Princess Elizabeth visits Dogmersfield

HRH Princess Elizabeth visits the girls’ school at Dogmersfield, Hampshire to attend Sports Day.
London Orphan Asylum


The girls' school closes

The girls’ school at Dogmersfield closes and a fond farewell is bid to Kathleen Mills, much loved Headmistress.
London Orphan Asylum


The first fee-paying pupils start

The first fee-paying and day pupils started, easing the financial burden of running an entirely Foundation School with no fees.
London Orphan Asylum


The Queen Mother visits Cobham

HRH Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, visits Cobham to open the new boarding houses.
London Orphan Asylum


Girls in the Sixth Form

By 2000 there are over 40 girls in the Sixth Form for the first time ever.
London Orphan Asylum


HM Queen Elizabeth II visits Cobham

HM Queen Elizabeth II, the School's Patron at the time, visits Cobham as part of the School’s bicentenary celebrations.
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