Walking directions from Oxshott Station

The quickest and easiest way to walk to Reed's School by foot from Oxshott Station is a 10-minute journey through the Oxshott Heath. Note that in wet weather this route can be a little muddy in places. The route via road is much longer and Sandy Lane is unpaved.

Opposite the station building to the right of the Taxi office is a footpath. Take this path and walk a short distance into the Oxshott Heath until you reach a 4-way junction – take the pathway ahead of you through the middle of the Heath.
Walk to Reeds 1

Follow this pathway for around 800 meters (ignoring any cross junctions) until you reach a staggered 5-way junction with a wooden noticeboard in the middle.
Walk to Reeds 2

Take the narrow pathway straight ahead of you (slightly set back from the junction) through the barrier. 
Walk to Reeds 3

Cross over the small road (The Ridings) that cuts through the pathway and rejoin it on the other side of the road. In around 25 metres you will see a gate to Reed’s School on your right. Ignore this first gate, which will be locked, and enter the school through the second gate further along which is unlocked during school hours.

Follow signs to the reception at the front of the main school building where all visitors must report.

For any assistance, please ring reception on 01932 869044 (open from 8am to 5:30pm in term time).

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