A Co Educational Environment

A Co-Educational Environment

The co-educational environment in the Sixth Form provides perfect preparation for life after school and students are able to experience this in safety, where there is support and guidance.

The thread of co-education is woven through all aspects of Sixth Form life, not just the classroom; Sixth Form leadership positions, House events, the boarding house and the Sixth Form House are all mixed to achieve a dynamic atmosphere of equality.

Girls will all be new to the School in the Lower Sixth, therefore there is a carefully designed programme of induction which begins in the summer holiday; by the time school begins, new Sixth Formers have already found their feet and possibilities to contribute to life at Reed’s are there from day one. There is always a balance of boys and girls in the Prefect and House Prefect teams because Reed’s encourages all Sixth Formers to show their best selves and seize opportunities.

A huge advantage of the Sixth Form at Reed’s is the number of new students; it means there is an emerging, not already set, social dynamic which allows our students to forge their own path, unencumbered by previous perceptions.

Life-long friendships are made in the Sixth Form at Reed’s and we are proud of the vibrant atmosphere our students create.

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