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Foundation Applications

The charitable mission of our Foundation is to help vulnerable children by providing a life-changing education at Reed’s School that will help to break the cycle of ‘family disadvantage’, inspire confidence and realise true potential through excellent educational provision and pastoral support.

Qualifying Criteria

Foundation places are available for boys from the age of 11 to 18 and girls aged between 16 and 18. Applications for places are based on the following criteria; the first of which must be met along with one or more of the remaining criteria.

  • Having lost the support of one or both parents through death, abandonment, mental or physical ill health, separation or divorce. (where the child has little to no contact with the absent parent) 
  • Having an unhappy or unsatisfactory home life where the child is in need of pastoral care and, in most cases, boarding provision. 
  • Having a financial need in the family.

Each case is considered on an individual basis with the child's best interests at the centre of the discussions.

Application Process

Parents/guardians of applicants may approach the Foundation directly or via a third party, such as a primary school or children’s charity. 

Applications for Foundation places at Reed's School are administered by our Foundation Office who will guide applicants through the process.

The application process is made as informal as possible - for further details please refer to the Application Brochure which can be downloaded here:

Foundation Application Brochure

Funding of Bursaries

The Foundation Funding Committee will look to secure a package of funding for each child which usually includes the parent/guardian making some financial contribution, possible funding from the Reed’s Foundation, and sponsorship from outside Trusts and Charities.

Please note that if you apply for a Foundation place, you are then not able to apply for a full fee-paying place.

The decision of the Foundation Committee is final and not subject to review unless there is a significant change of circumstances.

For further details or enquiries, please contact:

Tel: 01932 589493 or work mobile 07720 955092


Tel: 01932 869093 or work mobile 07540 219647


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