A Reed’s School Initiative…inspiring tomorrow’s independent thinkers

FutureTech is not just a building, it is a vision for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and a programme which involves Reed’s School pupils, teachers and a wider community including other educational institutions and commercial organisations.

There is a widely reported concern that the British economy is being affected by the lack of skills to support the progression to STEM careers. Engineering companies report an estimated 2.5 million job openings between now and 2022 (Engineering Report 2015).

Pupils are given the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to take advantage of these opportunities. The commercial world needs young people with technological literacy.

The FutureTech Programme:

FutureTech Initiatives

FutureTech Lecture Programme

A regular series of thought-provoking lectures given by speakers from industry and research aimed at pupils and parents from Reed's together with our partner schools.

FutureTech Outreach

Through links with educational organisations (such as Primary Engineer, the Ogden Trust and LEGO Education) like minded schools (Bohunt and Greig Academy) and corporates (such as Siemens and McLaren) we have developed our STEM curriculum and forged mutually beneficial relationships.

FutureTech sponsored work experience and apprenticeships

A number of career apprenticeships and work experience are offered by our partner corporates to Reed’s pupils and pupils from our partner schools who show an aptitude for STEM.

FutureTech Exhibitions

FutureTech hosts regular exhibitions for innovations in aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

FutureTech Co-Curricular Programme

Standing alongside the curriculum is the co-curriculum which provides pupils with opportunities to develop their STEM skills and interests:

  • Robotics Club (junior & senior)
  • Greenpower Challenge
  • McLaren Challenge
  • Landrover 4x4 challenge

FutureTech Curriculum

Third Form (Year 9)

As well as providing an exciting and creative learning environment  the FutureTech Programme  provides a cross-curricular programme for all Third Form pupils which removes the barriers between subjects and encourage interest, skill development and creativity in the areas of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The cross-curricular course involves:

  • Mathematics in Motion - using Excel to model mechanical situations
  • Computing - issues and hardware on the cutting edge of computing and gaming
  • New Materials - new materials and recent scientific advances
  • 3D design & printing - learning to use CAD and 3D scanners and 3D printers
  • Robotics -  coding and problem-solving skills using Mind Storm Lego robots

IGCSE Science Curriculum

In the Fourth & Fifth Forms (Years 10 and 11) STEM skills and concepts are developed through the IGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics Curriculum. All pupils study two or more Science Subjects.

AS/A2 Level Curriculum

Sixth Form pupils (Years 12 and 13) further develop STEM skills and understanding through studying A level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Design & Technology, and Mathematics.

There are various competitions and challenges which the Science, Mathematics and Design & Technology departments support such as:

  • Surrey SATRO – challenges to develop problem-solving skills using knowledge from across the STEM curriculum
  • Faraday Challenge - a team of Year 8 pupils are given a problem and then have to think up a solution, design it and make it using a 3D printer. They then present their product to a panel of adults
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