Academic Overview

Reed’s School promotes academic excellence by finding the best in every pupil. We want all of our pupils to realise their full academic potential, to have high expectations of themselves (whatever their ability in particular subjects), to work hard to realise their ambitions, and to feel that “it is cool to be clever”. These academic ambitions sit solidly alongside our other aims: to develop our pupils’ character by encouraging their academic life and by their contributions to the wider curricular aspects of School; to contribute to a nurturing environment through the emphasis on positive achievement and progress. 

Entry point to Reed’s is 11+ (First Form) and 13+ (Third Form) for boys and 16+ (Sixth Form) for boys and girls. Through our experience an all-boys education from eleven to sixteen allows pupils to develop and mature in an environment where they are comfortable participating in all aspects of school life and academic lessons are tailored to inspire and motivate them to excel. The co-educational Sixth Form then establishes a community which prepares all our pupils for the transition to university and challenges beyond.

Teaching at Reed’s is based upon our principles of motivating and inspiring each pupil individually to achieve their full personal potential. Education should never be confused with assessment and at Reed’s we understand the difference. We achieve academic excellence through building our pupil’s curiosity in the world, confidence to question convention, and desire to be the best they can be.

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