Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning at Reed’s was given the highest accolade by inspectors in our last ISI Inspection, and we continuously look to make improvements. It is a professional goal for all our teachers to make the lessons interesting and to make the learning enduring.

ISI Inspection Report

All of our teachers are experts in their fields and they also have passion – not merely for their subject, but also for the craft of teaching.

Pupils are encouraged to be curious, creative and contemplative. They often take an active role in lessons, collaborating in groups or giving presentations. Pupils need variety to sustain interest, but it is also important to have a disciplined approach to learning. We want them to meet our high expectations and high standards by understanding how they are learning, so that they can transfer this skill to the rest of their lives.

We have developed our own unique cognitive learning model to help pupils understand how to learn. Knowledge alone is not sufficient – it is just a starting point.

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