The School is very aware of its responsibility to provide nourishing, appetising food that is appropriate for growing children; we therefore outsource our catering to Independents by Sodexo, and are looked after locally by Andrew Mazur, Catering Manager, and his Head Chef, Carl Hoddinott, who, along with a dedicated team, provide all pupils, staff and visitors to the School with a well-balanced and appetising menu.

The team of chefs are highly skilled and they produce quality, nutritious meals from scratch using the best ingredients. All fresh meat, milk and cream purchased is Red Tractor certified and the use of free-range fresh eggs is the norm; wherever possible seasonal British fruit and vegetables are used.

Independents by Sodexo work with a number of recognised international, national and local organisations such as the Fairtrade Foundation, the Rainforest Alliance and the Marine Stewardship Council to identify and source fairly traded and ethically sourced products and develop permanent offers and activities to promote them. Independents by Sodexo chefs only use fish from sustainable sources and are encouraged to use Omega 3-rich fish as often as possible.

One of the catering team is a dedicated pastry chef who bakes all the bread daily on site; this can vary from wholemeal and white batch loaves to speciality focaccias and so on.

Elmbridge Council gave the catering team a 5-star rating in their last food hygiene visit.

A Sample Day's Menu

Toasted English muffin topped with poached free-range egg, grilled back bacon and roasted tomato
Porridge made with fresh semi-skimmed milk with a selection of toppings 
Powering Performance’ Focus oaty, berry and banana breakfast smoothie 
Selection of cereals, toast and preserves 
Velvet potato and mature cheddar soup served with cheese scones, croutons and cheese straws  
Fresh daily selection of bread, baked on site 
Korean style sticky cauliflower wings with noodles, Asian salad, pickled cucumber and stir-fried broccoli  
‘Powering Performance’ vegan potato gnocchi with lentil arabiatta and fresh basil 
Pork and chorizo lasagne with roasted rosemary and garlic new potatoes and green salad 
Tandoori chicken thighs with flat bread, turmeric rice, tamarind sauce, mint yoghurt, shredded salad and pickled chillis
Pasta with beef ragu and parmesan cheese  
Baked potato or sweet potato with baked beans and grated cheddar cheese 
Brown rice and nori salad with edamame, soy, sesame and honey dressing 
Pasta with spinach, char-grilled courgette, mint and truffle vinaigrette  
Harissa and honey roasted carrots with soft cheese and coriander pesto  
Chargrilled vegetables with basil, capers and slow roasted tomatoes 
Quinoa with goji berries, roasted broccoli and spinach
Selection of site-made pickles and dressings
A selection of fresh fruit salad, jelly and yoghurts with fruit compote 
Chocolate and blackcurrant crumble cake with custard 
‘Wasteful to Tasteful’ celeriac soup with crème fraiche and chives 
Fresh daily selection of bread baked on site 
Slow cooked hoisin pork or tofu in freshly steamed bao bun with cucumber, spring onion and cucumber salad
Bolognaise pasta bake 
Penne pasta with arrabiata sauce and parmesan cheese 
Baked potato or sweet potato with baked beans and grated cheddar cheese 
Wholemeal pasta with char-grilled courgettes, torn basil and lemon 
Watermelon and feta salad with mint and roquette 
Smashed cucumber with sesame, soy and honey 
‘Powering Performance’ replenish Thai noodle salad 
Mixed baby leaf salad 
Selection of site-made pickles, dressings and vinaigrettes 
Freshly cut fruit salad 
Natural yoghurt with fruit compote 
Vegetarian fruit jelly 
Freshly baked chocolate and cranberry Chelsea buns 
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