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Old Reedonians

Today, tomorrow, forever... a community for life

We are incredibly proud of all our Old Reedonians and what they have gone on to achieve.  We are also delighted that each one is key to helping us shape and achieve  the six aims of the School, but in particular, to continue to live the Andrew Reed legacy and to create a community for life. 

The Development Office and OR Committee work with over 3,000 (and growing) former pupils and staff connected with Reed's to enable them to enjoy the benefits of their ongoing association with the School and each other; socially, professionally and commercially. 

In addition, our vibrant and dynamic OR community plays a vital role in providing invaluable resource back to the pupils, the School and the Foundation - volunteering their time, advice, services and philanthropic support in a myriad of different ways.

We hope that if you are one of the Reed's School alumni, from whatever era, you will want to be part of this unique and special network.  To do so is easy (and free): just sign up to NetworkReeds, our online portal, or email Sharmaine, Head of Alumni & Community Relations.

We look forward to being in touch.

Visit Us

We are always delighted to welcome back alumni, former staff and former parents to look around the School. To make the most of your visit, we ask that you contact us beforehand to make an appointment via email (or telephone 01932 589490).  This will ensure we can set aside dedicated time to show you around, as sadly unaccompanied visitors are not permitted on site during the school day.

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