Programme of HE & Careers Events

Programme of HE & Careers Events

FutureCareers Fair

The bi-ennial FutureCareers Fair is designed to give students an opportunity to discuss their career ideas with industry professionals and give them a greater understanding of what career and higher education paths to follow in order to prepare themselves for the future.  Over 60 delegates, made up of Old Reedonians, parents and associates of Reed’s from prestigious companies and innovative business sectors, attend the Fair. The industries represented vary from engineering, finance and marketing to medical, dental and clinical neuroscience. The intention is that students come away inspired and better informed about the wealth of career opportunities available to them.
An Old Reedonian who attended the Fair as a delegate commented: “The whole atmosphere was really positive and it was great to talk to such rounded individuals, each with a smile. Not your average 16/17 year old in my limited experience!”

FutureCareers Seminars

To further aid students’ career-making decisions we hold regular FutureCareers Seminars to provide insights into various fields of work.  Recent seminars have included banking, law, film and media, property, medicine & other healthcare careers, artificial intelligence & virtual reality and the environment & sustainability. A number of speakers, often Old Reedonians at various stages of their careers give presentations to an audience of parents and students and answer any questions they might have on entering that field of work.

After the recent Banking Seminar a Fifth Former commented, “I really enjoyed the banking seminar last night. There were many things I learnt; however, the thing that stood out for me was how many sectors of banking there are and the various different types of jobs within each of those sectors. I thought that having ORs present the seminar was really good - they understand the pupils better as they used to be in our position.”

FutureUni Fair

Future, past and present combine to create the FutureUni Fair, run for Lower Sixth students to assist in making their university choices. Old Reedonians from universities all over Britain return to Reed’s to share their advice and experiences. This hugely beneficial experience allows students about to start their UCAS applications to pick the brains of our alumni, both on their course selection as well as providing an insight into what life is like at specific universities.


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