Aims of Reed's School

Aims of Reed's School

The Mission Statement, Vision and Aims of Reed's School

The purposeful and nurturing ethos of the School, where there is a love of learning and where we seek to develop the self-esteem and character of each individual is at the heart of our pupils’ successes.

At Reed’s we are ambitious for each and every child we educate.  We believe passionately in nurturing and encouraging each pupil within a supportive environment so that they develop into confident, articulate and happy young men and women who go out into the world with the determination to improve it. 
Inspired by the vision of our Founder, Andrew Reed, a central aim of Reed’s School is to support children who have lost one or both parents, and our ethos of celebrating our pupils' successes and inspiring them to unlock their true potential is founded on outstanding pastoral care, excellent teaching and a philosophy of providing a breadth of opportunities for all our pupils.

Vision Statement (an image of where we want the school to go)

We are a dynamic and progressive school which aims to provide an excellent education that inspires our pupils to achieve their full potential, to prepare them for a rapidly changing world and equips them with the ability to think critically and independently. We want our pupils to have a global perspective and be young people who exhibit our core values of Integrity, Compassion, Curiosity, Resilience, Responsibility and Independence so that they leave Reed’s as rounded individuals with a strong moral compass.

Our Aims

build on the Andrew Reed Legacy

Andrew Reed founded Reed’s School over two hundred years ago as the London Orphan Asylum and, to this day, we offer Foundation bursaries to educate pupils ‘who have lost the support of one or both parents’. We believe that Andrew Reed’s legacy is relevant to all Reed’s pupils and his integrity and innate understanding of the transformative potential of education permeates the fabric of the school on a daily basis. It serves to shape our pupils into the rounded individuals we, they, and their parents, are proud of.

Provide a nurturing environment

We seek to ensure that the ethos at Reed’s allows our pupils to develop the self-esteem and self-confidence that underpin happy pupils. We believe that outstanding pastoral care nurtures physical health, emotional maturity and spiritual richness which, in turn, foster enthusiasm, perseverance, tolerance and compassion.

Promote Academic Excellence

We seek to inspire within our pupils a lifelong love of learning by creating a culture of innovative, dynamic and progressive teaching which ensures that, as our pupils learn, they are excited, curious and, like their teachers, passionate about their interests.

Find the best in every pupil

We want all our pupils to realise their full potential. All children are unique and have a distinct blend of talents and interests. It is our purpose to amplify the skills our pupils already possess, whether that is in sport, music, drama or the arts and then, crucially, to provide our pupils with the opportunities which enable them to explore all their talents.

Create a community for life

Our desire is to create a community that lasts a lifetime. The Reed’s Community extends to our feeder schools, livery companies and other charities which we have worked with, in some cases, centuries. We see education as a partnership between the pupil, the parents and the School and we want to continue to strengthen this relationship as our pupils become Old Reedonians. 

Prepare pupils for the future

We believe that it is our duty to prepare Reed’s pupils for the demands of the modern world, and give them desire to shape it for the better. We prepare our pupils not only for university and for the careers that they will pursue but, most importantly, by modelling these values within our community, educating them to understand the responsibilities they have to society on both a local and global scale and giving them the mind-set to grow and evolve.

Reed’s School Values

By achieving the School’s aims we believe that the values of Integrity, Compassion, Curiosity, Resilience, Responsibility and Independence will be developed within the character of all our pupils.

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