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Contacting us by email

To contact the Headmaster please email

To contact the Admissions Department please email

For general enquiries please email 

To contact a specific member of staff by email, please use their first initial followed by their surname, followed by the eg.

Senior Leadership Team

Headmaster Mark Hoskins Tel: 01932 869050
Bursar Lucy Hurford Tel: 01932 869042  Fax: 01932 866289
Deputy Head (Academic) David Atkins Tel: 01932 869090
Deputy Head (Pastoral) Alex Balls Tel: 01932 588223
Development & Marketing Director Kathryn Bartram Tel: 01932 869025  Mobile: 07990 510121
Senior Master (Co-Curricular) Ian Clapp Tel: 01932 869044
Assistant Head (Sixth Form) Luke Michael Tel: 01932 588026
Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning) Caroline St Gallay Tel: 01932 869044
Assistant Head (Curriculum) Des Thompson Tel: 01932 869044
Assistant Head (Academic Development) Jon Ross Tel: 01932 869044
Assistant Head (Middle School) Lukas Pytel Tel: 01932 869044
Assistant Head (Digital Learning) Gareth Hart Tel: 01932 869044


Registrar Rachel Morris Tel: 01932 869001 Fax: 01932 869046
Assistant Registrar Rowan Verity Tel: 01932 869001

Pastoral Staff

Deputy Head (Pastoral) Alex Balls Tel: 01932 588223
Assistant Head (Sixth Form) Luke Michael Tel: 01932 588026
Assistant Head (Middle School) Lukas Pytel Tel: 01932 869044
Head of Girls Zoe Rice Tel: 01932 869044
Chaplain Rev Andrew Winter Tel: 01932 869044
The Close Jono Douthwaite Tel: 01932 869027
School House Ben Haining Tel: 01932 869054
Sixth Form House Luke Michael Tel: 01932 588026
Assistant Sixth Form Housemaster Jono Anderson Tel: 01932 869044
Assistant Sixth Form Housemaster Andrew Davey Tel: 01932 869044
Blathwayt Gareth Hart Tel: 01932 869084
Bristowe Adrian Blackman Tel: 01932 588008
Capel John Allison Tel: 01932 869044
Mullens James Norman Tel: 01932 588004

Other Positions of Responsibility

Director of Sport Ben Edwards Tel: 01932 869079
Assistant Director of Sport Anthony Talbot Tel: 01932 869079
Director of Drama Tim Silk Tel: 01932 598610
Head of Performance Music Roger Willey Tel: 01932 588003
Head of Communications Jen Hart Tel: 01932 588011
Higher Education & Careers Sarah Butler Tel: 01932 869044
Head of Scholars Kate Morland Tel: 01932 588027
Examinations Officer Mark Vernon Tel: 01932 869066
Assistant Examinations Officer Rachel Sullivan Tel: 01932 869067
Head of Activities Malcolm Dunn Tel: 01932 869095
Head of Girls Sport Lucy Balls Tel: 01932 869044
Head of Cricket Malcolm Dunn Tel: 01932 869072
Head of Rugby Antony Talbot Tel: 01932 869072
Head of Hockey Ben Edwards Tel: 01932 869079
Asst Head of Hockey (The Close) Josh Bishop Tel: 01932 869044
Director of Tennis Adrian Blackman Tel: 01932 588008
Head of Ski Racing Mark Vernon Tel: 01932 869003
Head of Golf James Wallis Tel: 01932 869085
Head of Athletics Anthony Talbot Tel: 01932 869072
Head of Swimming Emily Souter Tel: 01932 869044
Head of Basketball Will Pope Tel: 01932 869044
Head of Badminton Terry Ha Tel: 01932 869044
CCF Contingent Commander John Allison Tel: 01932 869032
Duke of Edinburgh Scheme Co-ordinator Daniel Leckie Tel: 01932 869097

Departmental Teaching Staff

If you wish to contact a member of teaching staff by email, please use their first initial (initials shown in brackets not to be used) followed by their surname, followed by the suffix (for example, for Ms Johnson)

Ms A Johnson

Mr C Cole
Mr M Farmer
Mr R Bruns

Mrs L Paterson

Miss A Di Mond
Mr W Irving
Mr G Stuckey
Mrs E Chalmers
Dr T Tam

Dr G Smith

Mr G Hart
Mr D Lipscomb
Ms R Hood
Mr D Leckie
Mrs H Shaw
Miss A Simms
Mr M Vernon

Miss G Whittingham

Miss G Miller
Miss K Morland
Mr C Thompson

Mrs J Mustafova

Mrs D Fairhurst

Miss K Charles

Mr (J) K Ditchburn

Mr T Silk

Mr E Lees
Miss F Roberts


Mr E Marsh
Mr S Whiteley
Mr D Atkins
Mr M Hoskins
Mr L Pytel
Mrs R Sullivan

Mrs A Trehearn

Mr J Anderson
Mr J Clatworthy
Mrs M Francis
Mrs S Moya
Dr M McLaughlin
Miss Z Rice
Ms C St-Gallay
Mr T Silk

L Buckingham 
Mr A Balls
Mr J Bishop
Mr I Clapp
Mr W Clapp
Mr J Douthwaite
Mr M Dunn
Miss L Jackson
Mr J Ross

Mr A J Waller

Mr A Davey
Mr W Fairgray
Mr J W A Norman 
Miss E Souter

Mr J Wright
Miss A Alkema
Mr A Braithwaite
Mr O Greenhill
Mr T Ha
Mrs S Hashmi-Lewis
Mrs D Kane
Ms M Rai
Mr A White
Rev A Winter

Mr L Michael

Mrs A Michael

Ms F Cramoisan

Mr C Sandison-Smith (German)
Ms L Ashby (Spanish)
Mrs H Salford (French)
Mr A Blackman
Mrs J Bruneau
Mr F Kerr-Dineen
Ms L Raymond
Mrs C Wagner-Tree

Ms K Chan
Mr R Willey

Mrs S Butler
Mr C Osgood
Mr S Smith

Mr C Perceval
Mr R Comins
Mrs T Millington

Mr B Edwards

Mr A Balls
Mrs L Balls
Mr M Dunn
Mr B Haining
Mr K Medlycott
Mr A Talbot

Mr D Thompson (Head of Science)
Mr W Pope (Head of Physics)

Mr J Allison
Mr N Bates
Ms H Higgins
Mr P Rockett
Mr J Wallis
Ms E McMahon

Mrs J Hart

Mrs H Cook
Miss E de Heer

Ms E McGhee

Ms M Ahanda
Mrs E Downey
Mrs C Horton

Mr T Silk

Mrs M Francis

Ms M Fitzgerald

Ms M Fitzgerald
Mrs M MacIver

Mr C Cole


The Bursary & Facilities


Bursar Lucy Hurford Tel: 01932 869042 Fax: 01932 866289
Director of Finance Sarah Pethybridge Tel: 01932 869063
Director of Estates Hannah Hawkins Tel: 01932 869044
Estates and Facilities Project Director Brian Dale Tel: 01932 869064
HR & Compliance Manager Lisa Lopez Tel: 01932 869043
Compliance Officer Jessica Rousell Tel: 01932 869078
School Fees Accountant Sheree Hargreaves Tel: 01932 869047
PA to the Bursar Felina John-Baptiste Tel: 01932 869042
Bursarial Assistant Jo Graham Tel: 01932 588024
Accounts Assistant Katia Viegas Tel: 01932 869012
Head of Caretaking & Security Nick Austin Tel: 01932 869026
Facilities Manager Dean Zaltsman Tel: 01932 869002
Facilities Assistant Caroline Walters Tel: 01932 869055
Head Groundsperson Grant Shuttle Tel: 01932 869004
Head Gardener Alex Christie Tel: 01932 869044
Sodexo Catering Manager Andrew Mazur Tel: 01932 869037

Reed's School Enterprises


Facilities Enquiries & Bookings Tel: 01932 863255  Email:
Reed's Cricket School Tel: 01932 598605  Email:
Reed's Tennis School Email:
Reed's School Shop Tel: 01932 863255  Email:
Swimming Pool Tel: 01932 869039  Email:

The Development Office

Development & External Relations Director Kathryn Bartram Tel: 01932 869025  Mobile: 07990 510121
Marketing Manager Alison Atkins Tel: 01932 869071
Assistant Alumni Director Sharmaine Matthews Tel: 01932 589490
Events & Outreach Manager Ed Whiffin Tel: 01932 869089
Alumni & Development Officer Lucy Sadler Tel: 01932 588029

The Foundation Office

Foundation Manager (Pastoral) Ruth de Fraga Gomes

Tel: 01932 589493

Work Mobile: 07720 955092

Foundation Manager (Relations) Olivia Abel

Tel: 01932 589493

Work Mobile: 07540 219647

Headmaster's Office & Admin Staff


Headmaster's PA Vanessa Cox Tel: 01932 869050  Fax: 01932 869046
Receptionist MJ Medlycott Tel: 01932 869044
Receptionist  Sam Donnelly Tel: 01932 869044
IT Director Mohammed Akiram Tel: 01932 869022
IT Technician Carys Pollard Tel: 01932 869022
IT Technician Rob Whitehead Tel: 01932 869022

Other Support Staff

Medical Centre Manager Kate Dunn Tel: 01932 869041
School Nurses Anna Stringer/Ann West Tel: 01932 869041
The Close Monika Kaczan 01932 869027
School House Caroline Castell-Elster 01932 869051
Sixth Form House Loulla Apostolou 01932 869019
Rugby Professional Steve Pope 01932 869072
Hockey Professional Brett Garrard 01932 869072
Cricket Professional Keith Medlycott 01932 869072
Tennis Professional Ben Haran 01932 869044
Art Technician Lottie Percival 01932 869083
Technical Manager - Drama Jerry Parsons 01932 869020
Biology Technician Christine Sugden 01932 588001
Chemistry Technician Karen Roberts 01932 869003
Physics Technician Belinda Bryan 01932 869084
Science Technician Ella Fairman 01932 588001
Design & Technology Technician Rami Al-Juboori 01932 869044

Drama Professional/

Head of LAMDA

Ed Lees 01932 869020
Sports Graduate Assistant Sophie Speed 01932 869072
Strength and Conditioning Assistant Kieran Corbett 01932 869072
Graduate Sports Assistant  Callum Green 01932 869072
Graduate Teaching Assistant  Ollie Matthews 01932 896044
Graduate Teaching Assistant  Christina Williams 01932 869044
CCF School Staff Instructor Peter Wells 01932 869032
Cover Supervisor Kim Lambert 01932 869044
Academic Support Asst Gyopar Sztakics 01932 869044


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