The Library

The Library

The Library at Reed's is situated within the main building of the school with easy access for all pupils and is open weekdays from 8am to 5.30pm.

Used throughout the school day for quiet private study by Sixth Formers and by the rest of the school during break times, lunchtimes and after school, it's also used by the boarders for evening prep during the school week. Pupils have timetabled lessons in the library to encourage independent reading.

The library houses over 10,000 books covering all curriculum subjects as well as fiction titles, graphic novels, sport and hobbies. The facilities available include computers, printers, photocopiers and a wide selection of daily newspapers and magazines related to both academic subjects and for general interest, together with DVDs and audio books for pupil use.

A weekly Book Club is held in the Library as part of the Activities Programme where members read and discuss books. There is an annual competition held for First Formers (Year 7) who compete to win the Reeder Cup and a book token prize by reading the most books. The Library is a comprehensive centre providing back-up research facilities to pupils' work, as well as a welcoming and inspiring area to encourage pupils to improve their independent study skills and develop their interests as broadly as possible.

Pupils can access the Reed’s School library database at home, containing all books, media and other online resources, including Britannica Online and The Day.

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