Activities Week

Activities Week

Such is the passion at Reed’s for educational experiences beyond the curriculum that a scheme has been organised to take every pupil out of school during the final week of the Summer Term that is included within the fees.

This is our Activities Week and has proved to be a wonderful way for pupils to end their school year – leaving on a high with special memories of an adventurous and unforgettable week away.

Younger year groups prepare for their Service Afternoon choices by travelling to specialist outdoor activity centres across Britain, with the exception of the Second Form (Year 8) which visits our sister school in Wassenaar, Holland. In the Fourth Form (Year 10) the boys develop their Modern Language skills in countries across Europe. Fifth Formers (Year 11) immerse themselves in the ‘grown-up’ world with a week’s work experience and the Lower Sixth Form follows a bespoke Personal Development Week to prepare for leadership and life beyond Reed’s.

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