Diversity & Inclusion

Reed's School welcomes everyone into our community as individuals and values their uniqueness. Our Core Values of Integrity, Compassion, Curiosity, Resilience, Responsibility and Independence help us to emphasise positive relationships and the need for all those in the school community to treat others with respect, courtesy and consideration. We believe it is the responsibility of all members of our community to encourage, cultivate and nurture an atmosphere and ethos free from discrimination on grounds of race; ethnic origin or nationality; religion or belief; age; gender identity and sex; sexual orientation; and disability.

At Reed’s we take constructive steps to identify how we can effect positive change within our school and, if possible, more widely within our community as a whole. We use Tutor periods, Assemblies and CPSHE lessons to explicitly discuss these topics and it is embedded within our curriculum and co-curricular provision. Furthermore, we use national days and months, like Black History Month, International Women's Day, LGBT Pride Month etc. to encourage awareness within the school community. You can find out more about how we approach these occasions by clicking on the boxes below.

"Reed’s welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and with different experiences. We pride ourselves on the fact that there isn’t a ’typical’ Reed’s pupil or member of staff and much prefer to think of cultural ‘add’ than cultural ‘fit’. We are an inclusive school that actively ensures we represent the community that we serve. We encourage a wide diversity of opinions so that all groups are represented and listened to which ensures everyone feels they have a voice, that they feel safe and have role models to look up to.”

Mark Hoskins, Headmaster


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