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All pupils are encouraged to experience art in its widest sense and to work with different media, processes and resources. Within a lively and creative working environment, pupils are taught by specialist artists and designers who bring the subject to life. Through the breadth and variety of work involved pupils develop a range of skills: the ability to record accurately in visual form; to undertake research and explore available resources; to plan and develop personal ideas and translate and communicate these in many different visual forms.

Pupils are encouraged to make use of the available facilities and to take advantage of the spacious and well-equipped studios to complete their work. Gallery and Museum visits play an important part of learning and these are an integral part of their studies. In addition, there is an extensive range of after-school activities including Junior Art Club, GCSE and A Level Coursework clubs, black and white photography for beginners and portfolio preparation. Once a week in the Autumn Term the A Level Fine Art class attend an after school life class.

All pupils study Art and Design in First and Second Forms (Years 7 and 8) and it is an option in Third Form (Year 9) and beyond. The subject is a popular choice at GCSE and A Level. Lessons are based around changing themes and cover all the different areas of specialisation, enabling pupils to experiment with various different art forms. Work is exhibited each year at the annual Private View of A Level and GCSE work in June, and at the Close House Art Exhibition at the end of the Summer Term, as well as regularly around the school and in small exhibitions.

The GCSE course covers drawing and painting, printmaking, graphic design and three-dimensional studies. Pupils also study History of Art as a complement to their practical work. They are introduced to a variety of media and techniques, enabling them to develop their skills and direct their own creative outcomes as the course progresses.

At A level three separate areas of study are offered - Fine Art, Graphic Design and Photography (to AS Level).

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