Young people are more aware than ever of the challenges and potential rewards of enterprise. Some of the more successful UK entrepreneurs are now celebrities in their own right and the Government is encouraging many initiatives to support the entrepreneurial spirit. This is at the centre of learning Business at Reed's School.

In Business, pupils make sense of a rapidly changing world in which technology and globalisation continue to accelerate the pace of change in the commercial world, a world that they will join in just 4 or 5 years' time. Pupils learn the key disciplines practised by managers in the business world, develop useful skills through the application of these ideas and create realistic case study material that is more likely to have come from the previous day's newspaper than a dusty old textbook.

Business is studied at A Level at Reed’s and the course is designed to introduce students to the main functional areas of business and the skills and motivation behind the entrepreneur. It also helps develop an understanding of the economic environment in which businesses operate and the part they play in the local, national and international economy.

Throughout the course pupils develop a clear and concise style of writing - the type used in business - enabling them to communicate effectively about business-related issues. They learn to analyse and interpret figures relating to finance; a crucial part of running a business successfully.

To complement classroom studies, pupils' awareness of the reality of the business world is broadened with external visits to factories such as BMW Mini and Coca Cola as well as to the excellent Entrepreneur Live! conferences, where pupils get to meet young successful entrepreneurs.

The A Level enables pupils to progress on to a Business or Management degree or a degree that combines Business with almost any other subject. Many others enjoy the fact that this course helps them widen their field of study; the skills learnt will be useful in almost any career.

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