Studying Chemistry develops an appreciation of the relationship between the subject and its application to social, environmental, economic and technological aspects of today's society. Key skills are gained in analysing and interpreting data, using practical experiments to prove theory, communicating clearly and concisely and thinking critically about chemical problems. Pupils also enjoy the hands-on practical side of the subject and the opportunities this provides. Chemistry is a challenging and rewarding subject.

Pupils benefit from spacious, well-equipped laboratories along with access to multi-media resources such as virtual, 3D and computer generated models. The department offers numerous extension activities, such as the Top of The Bench competition, the Royal Society Chemistry Challenge, Chemistry Olympiad and the CREST award.

In the First and Second Forms (Years 7 and 8) pupils study Chemistry as part of a broad science course covering topics such as states of matter, separating mixtures, acids and alkalis, chemical reactions. In the Third Form (Year 9) pupils study a general introduction to the IGCSE course – this covers the topics needed to build a firm foundation for future study and to stimulate interest. In the Fourth and Fifth Forms (Years 10 and 11) Chemistry is studied as an optional IGCSE.

Chemistry at A Level is inspiring, engaging and challenging and is a highly regarded subject. The course gives pupils the opportunity to study key concepts in greater detail and challenges and deepens their understanding of the material world. Pupils develop practical skills that include making observations, collecting data, analysing experimental results and formulating conclusions. Chemistry at A Level is normally a prerequisite for entry to degrees in Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Dentistry, Medicine, Natural Sciences, and Veterinary Science. It can also be helpful for those wishing to study Geography, Psychology and even Law.

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