Third Form FutureTech lessons (6)

Computer Science

Computer Science at Reed's is an engaging and practical curriculum which encourages creativity and problem solving. Pupils are encouraged to understand and apply core concepts in both theoretical and practical Computer Science to solve real world problems by designing, writing, testing and evaluating programmes. 

Pupils have access to a wide range of digital devices in both the classroom setting and on an individual basis with our 1:1 iPad programme. 

Throughout their time at the School, pupils learn languages including Python, C#, assembly language, HTML, CSS and Visual Basic. Through these languages they discover unique programming solutions to real-world scenarios, with an emphasis on innovative technologies. Pupils not only develop object-orientated skills as an individual but also further develop collaboration skills through group work projects. 

At GCSE and A Level, our curriculum teaches Computer Science both in theory (discrete maths, logics, data structures, algorithms and analysis) and in practice (circuits, computer architecture, compilers and operating systems). Through hands-on activities and project based modules, pupils engage fully with the prescribed syllabi from exam boards.

There are after-school Robotics and Programming clubs as part of our extensive Activites programme, which provide pupils interested in robotics, engineering and mobile application design an opportunity to explore these topics in more detail. As a result, they use Lego Mindstorms, microcontrollers, Spheros and Arduino – just to name a few – and learn to explore how technology can be used to control elements in the physical world. 

Subject Documents Date  
GCSE Handbook 01st Feb 2021 Download
Sixth Form Handbook 2021 30th Nov 2020 Download
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