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Drama & Theatre Studies

Drama at Reed’s is based on a holistic approach to the subject and generates a creative and positive energy amongst pupils, whilst at the same time instilling a strong work ethic. It develops a broad set of skills in performance and technical theatre; the use of technology and multimedia; team work; evaluation; constructive problem-solving and personal expression. The study of dramatic theory and practical techniques are combined to empower and create confident, independent individuals.

All year groups are exposed to a range of live performances at venues such as the National Theatre, Royal Court and Young Vic together with workshops run by companies like Frantic Assembly throughout their studies. Many drama productions are staged at Reed's, offering a wealth of experience to suit an individual's strengths and interests.

All pupils study Drama in the First, Second and Third Forms (Years 7, 8 and 9) where they are introduced to basic dramatic theory to help shape their understanding of how Drama can be presented. The focus is on developing the skills and techniques that are the foundation of performance and exposure to a range of theatrical styles.

GCSE Drama is an exciting, inspiring and practical course that promotes involvement in and enjoyment of theatre, as actors, directors and designers. Additionally it provides opportunities to attend live theatre performances and to develop skills as informed and thoughtful audience members. The course is assessed in three areas: by a practical performance or design work of their own devised work; by a practical performance or design work of extracts of a play; by an examination focusing on a set text and an analysis and evaluation of a live theatre production..

The A Level course is an inspiring mixture of practical and theoretical work which allows pupils to approach the subject as an actor, director and designer. Pupils can expect to be challenged through various approaches to acting and designing dramatic work, and their study of texts focuses their ideas on how plays can be performed in different styles and settings. The learning environment suits pupils prepared to think in a flexible way, having their own perceptions challenged as well as developing the ideas of others.

This qualification enables progression to a Drama degree or further training at a Drama school. There are close links with English, Music and Media Studies at both GCSE and A Level, and the subject would support further study of these. The presentation skills developed will be of use in almost any career.


Subject Documents Date  
GCSE Handbook 19th May 2020 Download
Sixth Form Handbook 30th Nov 2020 Download

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