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Fine Art at Reed’s allows pupils to explore the world of drawing, painting, print making, sculpture, mixed media and, where appropriate, installation and digital media. These core skills underpin thematic projects where the development of personal interests is nurtured and supported through gallery visits, departmental study tours abroad, visiting artists and critical and contextual studies.

The A Level course introduces a variety of experiences that explore a range of fine art media, processes and techniques using both traditional and new media. This is complemented by the study of relevant images and artefacts from European and non-European examples. Responses will be made through practical and critical activities that demonstrate their understanding of different styles, genres and traditions. Drawing is an integral part of the course with sketchbooks underpinning development of project work. A compulsory life class is also held once a week after school.

Many pupils progress to Art School, where entry is usually by portfolio submission. An understanding and interpretation of the visual world can also have a positive benefit in a variety of fields. Fine Art is often required for pupils considering an Architecture degree and can help with an application for a History of Art course.

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