Graphic Design

Graphic Design introduces pupils to a variety of experiences exploring a range of graphic media, techniques and processes. Traditional and new technologies are explored, along with illustration, packaging, design for print, communication and computer graphics.

Practical work is underpinned by a study of historic and contemporary designers.
The course includes an introduction to industry standard computer applications such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

An ability to draw and a desire to work on a computer is essential to success in Graphic Design. As the course progresses pupils have to be motivated and be able to work independently.

Many pupils go on to study a variety of Art related courses, including those specialising in graphic design. The creative industries are one of the biggest growth areas in the UK, offering a whole range of careers from art direction, illustration and publishing to film, television and advertising. An understanding of the disciplines and insights of graphic design is not only suitable for those intending to go to Art School, but can have positive benefits and applications throughout life.

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