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The discipline of Mathematics teaches pupils to be accurate, to communicate clearly and to construct rigorous logical arguments. It enables them to think independently and to apply these skills to mathematical problem solving. Many of the topics studied have applications in real life, as well as direct links to other subjects and topics. Pupils are encouraged to enjoy and appreciate the intellectual challenge of Mathematics and to be motivated by the techniques and methods taught.

Pupils are entered for national Mathematics competitions and also attend lectures and other external events. Clinics are held daily to support pupils who find a topic challenging.

Pupils study Mathematics as a core subject from First to Fifth Forms (Years 7 to 11) with some boys taking Further Mathematics GCSE in addition to Mathematics IGCSE in the Fifth Form.

All of the major components of Mathematics are covered by the IGCSE course: numeracy, data handling, shape and space and algebra. It includes ‘everyday’ mathematics and unstructured problem solving. Further Mathematics at GCSE motivates and challenges the more able mathematicians by covering further complex problems across all topics and provides a solid basis for those wishing to progress to A Level Mathematics.

The linear A Level course is made up of two-thirds Pure Mathematics and one-third Applied Mathematics which is a combination of Statistics and Mechanics. The course builds on the more difficult topics studied at IGCSE and pupils need a high grade with strong Algebra and Trigonometry to go on to study Mathematics at A Level. It is also possible to study Further Mathematics at A Level.

Those with an A Level in Mathematics are well equipped to go into almost any career. Many pupils go on to study Science or Engineering related courses at University, though Business, Computing and Financial courses are also commonly chosen.

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