Physics is fundamental to the operation of the world we live in and, if studied up to A Level, can lead to degrees in all aspects of Engineering, Architecture, Material Science & Astronomy as well as myriad varieties of Physics. Part of the beauty of the subject is the depth to which a topic or a concept can be pursued. An area mastered by Third Form pupils can be extended and followed to challenge the most able of Sixth Formers, building on that early foundation. 

The subject is taught as an individual Science from the Third Form (Year 9) where it is compulsory before becoming optional at IGCSE. Six specialist Physicists, supported by a full-time technician, operate out of purpose-built labs with top-quality equipment to ensure that a pupil’s experience in the Physics department is interesting, academically challenging and fun through a healthy mix of practical and theoretical learning. Pupils are inspired to apply their minds to solving problems, to become mathematically competent, to understand how to link theory with experiments and scientific models and to sustain and develop enjoyment and interest in physics.

To extend learning the department offers opportunities to enter the British Physics Olympiad in the Lower Sixth and the Physics Challenge at IGCSE level. Visits to lectures at the Royal Institute are a regular occurrence and many A Level pupils are encouraged to apply for Headstart Engineering courses over the summer holidays to support their University applications.  For those looking for extra support to meet their full potential in the subject, clinics are available throughout the year. 

Physics is a highly rewarding discipline to study at school, university and beyond and it opens doors to a wide variety of careers. It forms the basis of most modern technologies and holds the future to global well-being. The career opportunities are as vast as the subject itself due to the transferable skills gained and the recognition by employers that it is a demanding discipline, requiring a highly numerate and logical mind.

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