Surrey Schools Maths Competition success with First Places! Posted - 01/05/2019


Twelve pupils rom First to Fourth Forms attended the Surrey Schools Maths Competition hosted by St Catherine’s School and the First Form came away with first place! The event was well attended—10 schools competed in a mixture of problem-solving activities with four separate rounds.

Round 1 comprised a problem-solving relay where participants were given 25 problems and had to solve as many as possible, running to get the next question after each question was completed. Round 2 was an Avengers-themed problem-solving round where pupils had to work out the values of certain symbols. Round 3 was a Tetris-style round where pupils had to fill a square with different valued Tetris shapes that would make the highest value overall, and Round 4 was an estimation round where pupils had to do a variety of real-life estimations as accurately as possible.

Special congratulations goes to the three First Form pupils (Alex Chapman, Reece Barton-Lake and Daniel Shand) who were placed first in their age category in this fun event.

Amanda Alkema, Maths Department

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