National Theatre Connections Festival Posted - 29/04/2019


Reed’s participated in the National Theatre Connections Festival at their partner venue, The Bush Theatre.

It was a busy day of rehearsals and workshops for the cast and crew, who were made up of pupils from First, Third, Fourth and Lower Sixth Forms. They received hands-on direction, not only from Miss Roberts and Mr Silk, but also the fantastic Elvi Piper. The performance of ‘Flesh’ had the audience both laughing and gasping as the pupils depicted the dark comedy of a school trip turned disaster.

Highlights included the unwavering positivity and comedic timing of the pupil played by Chris Chua and the earnest intelligence portrayed by Lauren Ewer, in addition to the tense tribal rivalry headed up by the dramatic performances of Kaizer Akthar and Jonny Seymour. All of the pupils had worked hard to develop their individual characteristics for this ensemble piece.

Special thanks should also go to First Former, Noah Thompson, for assisting in a technically challenging and intricate show. It was a fantastic night’s entertainment and all should be proud of the hours they committed to making this piece so successful.            

Fiona Roberts, Drama Department

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