Trips to Spain & France to improve spoken languages in preparation for A Levels Posted - 23/04/2019


Sixth Form Hispanists went to Granada during the Easter holidays and stayed with Spanish families in order to be fully immersed in Spanish day-to-day life. Every morning, they attended a Spanish language school for three hours and in the afternoon participated in a variety of linguistic and cultural activities. The students showed resilience and a willingness to learn along with a desire to improve their spoken Spanish. The highlight was, without doubt, the flamenco lesson and attending the midnight procesión del silencio when all the lights in the city are switched off and the Easter procession takes part in silence. The students returned confident and ready for their speaking examination, worth 30% at A Level

Fleur Cramoisan, Head of MFL

Thirteen Sixth Form students taking French enjoyed a productive and enjoyable week in the beautiful university city of Montpellier in the south of France. They stayed with host French families and had morning French lessons in the LSF language school. Activities were organised for later in the day including a visit to the nearby city of Nîmes where the students visited the ancient Roman remains of the Arènes and the Maison Carré.

Helen Salford, Head of French

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