Mentoring and Leadership Training Posted - 18/06/2019


Thirty-eight students from Milton Keynes Young Leaders’ Academy visited Reed’s to find out more about boarding. The young people were given tours of the school and boarding houses by some of our boarders, who kindly gave up their Saturday morning to help, as well as talks by Boarding Housemasters, Ben Haining and Luke Michael, about day-to-day life in a boarding school. Having never visited a boarding school before this was a good opportunity for the students to see what a warm, supportive place a boarding school can be where you are part of a community and have lots of opportunities.

Milton Keynes Young Leaders’ Academy is an extension of Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy (EYLA), one of our partner organisations with which we work closely. They provide mentoring and leadership training at the weekend and holiday times for young people, especially black Asian minority ethnic (BAME) boys and girls, to become the next generation of young leaders. Some of these children are then able to go to boarding schools such as Reed’s, with support from the Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation. In fact, we currently have four EYLA alumni at Reed’s.

Ruth De Fraga Gomes, Foundation Manager

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