A sweltering but superb Sports Day! Posted - 28/06/2019


Rainbow laces at the ready, Sports Day dawned bright and brilliant. Alongside the thrills and spills of the last House competition of the year, were a few, new, important initiatives.

Rainbow laces were on sale to support sportsmen and women in the LGBT community, and it was fantastic to witness the varied ways of sporting the multi-coloured laces on the day, from key chains to belts to headbands to wristbands – in fact they were worn every which way, bar as shoelaces…except for a very few.

Water was on tap as part of a drive to reduce plastic so pupils, staff, parents and supporters brought in refillable bottles as opposed to the School providing single-use, plastic bottles which have become such a threat to our sea life. It was heartening to see how on board everyone was with this!

On to the athletic news of the day. The winners of each year group were as follows:

First Form - Ollie Holden / Second Form - Wilfred Saywell / Third Form - Harry Tonge / Fourth Form - Laurence Ernest / Fifth Form - Sam Rowe / Sixth Form - James Ghirardani / Sixth Form Girls - Hennie Owen.

Congratulations to all those fine athletes who showcased their power and prowess on the day. Records were broken by Joey Deans (Fourth Form - Bristowe) in the 400m and First Former, Matt Weisz (Clapton) in the 200m.

The winner of The Close competition was Clapton – 241 points; relay winners were Putney with a massive 287 points. In the Senior School, the main competition victor was the mighty Mullens (459.5 points), which won by some margin, followed by Blathwayt, Bristowe and Capel. Mullens again lifted the relays cup with the Houses staying in the same rank order as for the main competition.

But in House events it’s not always about winning and those who came agonisingly last in their events are to be lauded and applauded for participating, in spite of knowing that they would not make the medals, as they still put House points on the board. I am sure Housemasters and fellow House members are appreciative and proud of these feats of endurance, resilience, and determination to do something for the House.                    

Jen Hart, Head of Psychology

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