What’s New in CPHSE? Posted - 20/09/2019


Pupils in the First Form took part in the very exciting Soapbox Challenge, ably managed by Gema and Jules from Innovative Enterprise. The pupils worked collaboratively in small groups to design, make and pitch their soap products for the market. The task also involved time management, oracy and literacy skills, as well as economic and business skills. The pupils worked really well and the winning team, who decided on the name ‘RIP Germs’ using an image of a skull and crossbones, built on the health factors of keeping clean by using soap – always a good life maxim!

The Third Form attended an Anti-Bullying presentation given by Robert Higgs. Robert encouraged the pupils to consider a variety of behaviours and situations, as well as suggesting ways that they might address any unpleasantness that might come their way in life. As well as advising schools and local authorities on how to address bullying, Rob is also interested in comedy and demonstrated to the pupils how humour can be used to defuse a variety of situations. The notion of ‘banter’ was addressed, as was the role of the bystander. Rob also talked to parents later in the afternoon, going through what they might look out for and suggesting some ideas and strategies for intervention.

Mandy Francis, Head of CPHSE