New Scientist Live Lives! Posted - 18/10/2019


A group of First, Second and Fourth Form academic scholars attended the New Scientist Live festival at London’s ExCel arena. Immediately upon arrival the boys were bowled over by the sheer number of exhibitions and interactive displays available.

We made our way straight to the first talk where a scientist working at Bristol Zoo spoke about her work enriching the lives of its extremely intelligent apes. Following this, the boys had some time to look around the exhibitions. There were a number of highlights, but a favourite was having the opportunity to beat Usain Bolt’s 100m sprint time through a specially designed tunnel.

The next lecture was delivered by a scientist who has designed a jet pack using a 3D printer. It was truly fascinating to watch footage of him flying over the oceans at break-neck speed! The final lecture was on applying Maths to everyday life, and the day culminated in a panel of astronauts discussing various expeditions to the moon.

The lectures gave the boys a taste of a number of different elements of science and stretched them well beyond what they are learning in lessons. They dealt with the more complicated content admirably and were a credit to the School.                                        

Kate Morland, Head of Scholars

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