Sixth Form Classics Society Debate v Cranleigh Posted - 18/11/2019


One of the most eagerly anticipated intellectual battles of the academic year for the Classics department, the annual Classics debate, took place against Cranleigh School. This year the topic centred around whether women wielded more power in Greece or Rome. In this fierce battle of Classics heavy­weights, Cranleigh opted to speak first, their opener setting the bar high by pre-empting a number of arguments from the Reed’s students.

Unperturbed, Niamh O’Connor stepped up to the lectern and delivered a cutting speech about the representation of women in sport and the relative power of Spartan women. Zac Svarovsky’s speech, concerning women in Greek literature (particularly Sappho), had the opposition quaking in their boots. However, the evening reached a climax when team captain, Anna Gray, took to the floor. She delivered an impassioned, knowledgeable and highly eloquent speech which would have made even Cicero proud.

The home advantage gave Cranleigh the win this year, but Anna was rightly crowned best speaker of the night.

Kate Morland, Head of Classics

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