A quest of self-discovery and teamwork in ‘The Game’ Posted - 28/11/2019


Eighteen performers from The Close (Years 7 and 8) took part in a fantastic drama production of The Game. Joshua Reekie and Sam Oddy enthusiastically took the audience on a quest of self-discovery and teamwork, as their characters were transported into the world of a video game. There they were greeted by a mysterious ally in the form of Herald, played majestically by George Bloch. From the talking trees of the forest to Nik Pivovarsky’s villainous leadership of the thieves-of-isee, the audience experienced the comic highs and the dramatic lows of an epic voyage. This would not have been possible without the fantastic ability of a talented cast who switched between a myriad roles, transforming themselves from scared villagers to vivacious market sellers and more.

The multi-roling in the play, whilst challenging, was taken in confident stride by the young performers. Not only was the cast on stage all members of The Close, our lighting and sound was operated superbly by the focussed and dedicated team of Lewis Bishop and Noah Thompson from the Second Form (Year 8).

This production was a promising start to many acting careers at Reed’s, and we are optimistic that they will continue to flourish in future performances. Many members of the cast and tech team are taking their success to the next dramatic challenge by taking part in our up-coming main school production of Chariots of Fire.

Fiona Roberts, Drama Department

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