A very Magical Media Tour Posted - 14/01/2020


Upper Sixth Media students took a magical trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford. We walked the famous street of Diagon Alley where Harry, Ron and Hermione once cast their spells; visited life-size sets of Privet Drive and Platform 9 and 3/4; got to use green screens and fly over Hogwarts on broomsticks; saw special effects in action with a dragon tear down the set of Gringotts bank... and more. 

Design is a huge part of the tour and we had the chance to witness how much work and effort goes into creating costumes, sets, character robotics, make-up, potions and props. We saw how these have changed over the timespan of the eight movies. 

The day was entertaining and educational; we took a trip down memory lane and remembered some of our childhood favourites, as well as being able to appreciate what it takes to produce, direct and market a movie franchise.

Lauren Corbett Upper Sixth Form Student  


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