The launch of the Reed’s Entrepreneurship Programme Posted - 31/01/2020


The Reed’s Entrepreneurship Programme was launched to all Fifth and Lower Sixth Form students with a visit from Sam Crick of ‘7 Billion Ideas’. Reed’s, in partnership with ‘7 Billion Ideas’, will be hosting two-day courses for the students to hone their abilities in public speaking, project management, initiative-taking, and team collaboration.

During an assembly Sam showed the students a collection of innovative ideas and entrepreneurial stories to let them know anything is possible. He explained why skills such as ‘creative problem solving’ and ‘innovative risk-taking’ will be vital skills in the workplace for 2025. He finished by outlining the two courses.

During the two days, students will be working on a real-life business challenge and addressing a real-life business problem of a multi-national firm. It will also be a unique opportunity for our students to gain professional insights into the industry, meet established entrepreneurs and think further about potential careers.

Ed Marsh, Head of Economics and Business

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