Molecule to Medicine in Pfizer’s eight-week science programme Posted - 20/03/2019


Pfizer’s eight-week science programme

How do you develop a drug? Why does it cost so much, and take so long to make? What is life like in the pharmaceutical industry? Is it safe to test new drugs on people? These are questions some of our Second Form pupils will be exploring over the coming weeks in a programme delivered by a team from Pfizer.

The eight-week programme takes pupils through the process of drug development, from the discovery of a potential molecule, through the challenges of clinical trials to the supply chain. Along the way, they’ll gain a deeper understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and apply their problem-solving skills to questions that span the natural and social sciences. 

The programme also offered volunteering opportunities for the Lower Sixth. Alex Walden and Isabella Richardson demonstrated excellent leadership skills in the first session as they helped younger students understand the more complex concepts. It is always a delight to see pupils in different year groups working constructively together, and Alex and Isabella did a fantastic job passing on their knowledge to the their younger cohort.

Tom Tam, Biology Department

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