Biologists visit the Isle of Wight Posted - 05/10/2018


A group of 38 A Level Biology students studied some of the ecological aspects of their course; energy and ecosystems and populations in ecosystems, and then collected data for a practical on the Isle of Wight. 

Time was spent on the beautiful Bembridge rocky shore and the fascinating St Helens salt marsh, mastering various sampling techniques and correctly statistically analysing findings. Students were also given the opportunity to thoroughly appreciate the energy flow and interrelationships between some of the abiotic elements of the Medina Estuary and the biotic, the bird life and mud dwellers. Estimation of the population size of the Ramshorn snails in the fresh water pond contributed to another real encounter with the demands of the specification.

A successful trip made even better by the beautiful weather - blustery winds, but no rain while outdoors!

Leanne Paterson, Head of Biology

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