Art Dept visit to The Tate Posted - 27/09/2018


The Art department took a trip to Tate Britain in London with Fifth and Sixth Form artists. The Sixth Form were privileged to visit the Aftermath exhibition, which showcased work produced in reaction to World War 1. The historical references provided a rich resource for the pupils to reflect upon. The students were encouraged to make independent responses to the work on display, critically examining line, shape, form and colour. The Lower Sixth students were also tasked with completing some still life studies, which linked to the still life exercises they were working on at School.

Fifth Form GCSE artists explored the gallery to discover inspiration for their major project "A Sense of Place". The morning was spent focussing on three periods in art history from the 'Walk Round British Art' and in the afternoon they had to choose a painting that would help develop their own ideas.
All the students were incredibly well behaved and conducted themselves in a positive manner throughout the trip. 

Mark Farmer, Art Department

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