Jeremiah Brothers in concert at Reed’s! Providing a truly extraordinary evening Posted - 27/09/2017


The Music Department was privileged to host a very special all-day visit from two extraordinary musicians: Kevin and Cieran Jeremiah, who have achieved successes at the very pinnacle of British pop music as members of Brit nominated band ‘The Feeling’ and as a fraternal duo.

The day began with two lectures for our senior musicians by Kevin Jeremiah, focused primarily on mixing techniques but also affording them a candid vantage into the more remote corners of life in the music industry.  

The main event of the day was a sold-out evening performance of the Jeremiah Brothers’ recently released eponymous debut album with orchestrations written by our Director of Music, Iain Carnegie. To say that the Reed’s string and percussion musicians ‘supported’ the Brothers’ performance would be to do them a huge disservice. Their playing lifted and transformed their enchanting songs and reconfigured them into something entirely new and deeply affecting. 

The brothers also handed over lead vocal duties during performances of classic ‘The Feeling’ hits ‘Fill my Little World’ and ‘Sewn’ as students Myles Billington, Jess Mason and Dan Foulger took the limelight.

Staff and students alike were touched and inspired by the unique combination of flagrant talent and warm humility exhibited by the Jeremiah Brothers. In the process of thanking the brothers for their time and their music, Mr Carnegie said the day would be remembered by many students for the rest of their lives. It was a truly extraordinary evening!

Simeon Smith, Music Department

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