Saving the Planet! A visit from Keith Scholey, Film Maker & Conservationist Posted - 11/10/2019


We were delighted to welcome back to Reed’s Old Reedonian, Keith Scholey, who will be our guest speaker for this year’s Andrew Reed Lecture at the Royal Geographical Society. Keith had not been back since he left in 1975 and so there was a lot to catch up on!  After a comprehensive tour, conducted by our two OR prefects, the Headmaster hosted lunch, quite aptly under the auspicious gaze of our Founder in the Andrew Reed Room.

The conversation was enthralling as Keith briefly gave us a synopsis of his last 40 years in research, film making and environmental conserva­tion.  As a realist, his insight into sustainability and how there is capacity for the biosphere and human civilization to co-exist and reverse some of the devastation we have already created, will be the basis for a fascinating lecture, both for this and future generations.

Tickets are selling fast for the Lecture which takes place on Friday, 15th November (7pm), so please book at:  (families and children welcome). 

Sharmaine Matthews, Assistant Alumni Director